Can Stress and Anxiety Cause Hair Loss?

Stress and Hair Loss – Are they related?

stress causes hair lossNowadays, stress has become an integral part of our lives. Even the simplest day in our lives is stressful and you can not really change that. From school to work, from family to friends, everything stresses us and every person takes their daily “stress dose,” and the bad part is that it affects the body in a negative way, sometimes affecting the hair too.

Can stress cause hair loss and will it grow back? Yes, a research article by Calm Clinic,  shows that stress, apart from many other causes, can cause hair loss. So, if you always find a lot of hair on your pillow, don’t get panicked. Do not start to worry that you will become bald! Getting stressed about your hair loss can worsen your hair fall. Continue reading Can Stress and Anxiety Cause Hair Loss?

Top Hair Masks for Thin and Brittle Hair

Top 6 Hair Masks for Thin, Dry and Frizzy Hair

hair mask for dry hairThin, dry and brittle hair gives us a lot of headaches. As it tends to become dry and break, it is very difficult to style. Such hair has no volume and falls easily too. So, what to do to take care of thin and frizzy hair?

Natural oils are some of the best remedies for dry, fragile or thin hair. Studies have shown that castor oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, argan oil, almond oil and olive oil are very effective when it comes to strengthening the hair.

Here are 6 effective DIY masks for thin and brittle hair Continue reading Top Hair Masks for Thin and Brittle Hair

Hair Care During and After Pregnancy

Tips for Hair Care During and After Pregnancy

hair care during pregnancyDuring pregnancy the hair suffers a series of changes. Most women develop beautiful looking hair during pregnancy because of increased level of estrogen and androgen. But this may not be always the case.

A normal woman can lose about 100 hair strands a day. But when a woman becomes pregnant this process of hair shedding almost stops. Specialists say that during the pregnancy the scalp becomes sensitive and the hair becomes drier. There may also be an imbalance in the secretion of sebum, which can lead to either hair becoming oily.

It is very important for the pregnant woman to take care of her hair, to know what is good for her hair and what is not. Tips from Style Craze suggest that natural hair masks can protect hair to a great extent during and after pregnancy. Continue reading Hair Care During and After Pregnancy

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil and Its Hair Benefits

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair Growth and Other Hair Treatments

coconut oil for hair growthCoconut oil has numerous and extraordinary health benefits when consumed internally, but it also has many other benefits. If you have not found out yet, it’s time to discover that wonderful coconut oil can be a 100% natural and multifaceted cosmetic product for hair. Rich in vitamins, minerals and various other nutrients, coconut oil has unique properties that help increase hair resistance, brighten, soften and restore balance to the scalp preventing dandruff and dry or fat hair. Read about all the benefits of coconut oil here. Continue reading Cold Pressed Coconut Oil and Its Hair Benefits

Causes of Hair Loss in Women and Treatments

Hair Loss in Women – Causes, Diagnosis and Treatments

hair loss in womenNearly 40% of women experience visible hair loss by the age 40. As per a Hair research article by WebMD, the most common causes of hair loss in women are related to medical conditions and hormonal changes. Some of these causes of hair fall are specific to women. If you notice that your hair are getting thinner or you are losing more hair than usual, you should see if any of the following common causes of hair loss in women apply to you.

Hormones – Women experience much more hormonal problems than men, and at a much higher frequency. Pregnancy, birth and menopause are all unique conditions for women that can affect the hormone levels and thus cause hair loss and even baldness. Continue reading Causes of Hair Loss in Women and Treatments

7 Solutions to Prevent Hair Loss After Pregnancy

How to prevent hair loss after childbirth?

hair loss after pregnancyDuring pregnancy you may have heard compliments from many people that your hair looks very healthy and beautiful. This happens due to the glow of pregnancy on your hair during pregnancy, the brilliance caused by the healthy diet and the daily dose of folic acid you consume.

But often, new mothers experience hair loss after pregnancy, about 2-3 months after childbirth. You may be very upset about seeing how you miss all that wonderful hair you had during pregnancy. You may think you are the only person who is experiencing such hair fall. But, don’t worry. As per Healthline, postpartum hair loss is perfectly normal and there are many other women who are facing a similar situation of hair loss. It is important to remember that during pregnancy your natural hair loss process was stopped, and hair loss after pregnancy is not unusual. Continue reading 7 Solutions to Prevent Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Low Dose Laser Therapy for Hair Loss

Laser Therapy for Treatment of Hair Loss

low dose laser therapy for hair lossHair loss is a normal phenomenon. Every day, whhile brushing your hair and taking a shower, you can lose between 50 and 100 hair strands. But when the number of hair shed gets bigger, leaving your scalp visible on certain portions, itis a warning that you have a high risk of alopecia.

Hair loss can be annoying. Many people hate to be seen with thinning hair or a balding head. Different solutions are available these days to do something about the hair loss. In addition to a hair transplant or micro hair pigmentation treatment, laser therapy can be a viable solution for hair loss.

Laser therapy for hair loss, what is it?

Continue reading Low Dose Laser Therapy for Hair Loss

Diseases That May Lead to Hair Loss

What Diseases Can Cause Hair Loss?

alopecia areata hair lossMost people experience hair loss in the second phase of their lives. Hair loss and graying are typical aging symptoms, although not everyone is affected by it. Hair loss is usually a gradual process, but occasionally you may experience rapid hair loss. If you find large number of hair falling when taking a shower, there must be something ‘abnormal’ about your hair.

In many cases, a disease is responsible for speeding up the process of hair loss. Which diseases can cause hair loss? Hair loss can caused by a variety of factors, from various illnesses to poor nutrition to hormonal imbalances and stress. Certainly drastic operations and the repercussions that these have on your body can cause acute hair loss.  Continue reading Diseases That May Lead to Hair Loss

Top 7 Natural Remedies to Fight Hair Loss

Natural Home Remedies for Hair Fall and Regrowth

natural remedies for hair lossHair loss is one of the problems faced by many people, especially in autumn and spring or in certain periods of life. It is normal for a person to lose about 100 hair stands a day, but it is advisable to take precautions before hair loss becomes a serious problem. If your hair loss is more pronounced, you must use natural hair care products and remedies to stop the hair fall.

Causes of hair loss can be different – from hormonal (androgenic) to genetic (hereditary) or those that result from a deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the diet. Hair loss can be the symptom of a weak hair structure or nutritional deficiencies in the body. And, as it is a problem facing more and more people, it is necessary to find a solution to this problem.

The main factors that lead to hair loss are: Continue reading Top 7 Natural Remedies to Fight Hair Loss

5 Most Effective Castor Oil Masks to Stop Hair Loss

Castor oil Hair Masks for Hair Growth

castor oil hair mask for hair lossCastor oil is considered to be the best natural hair loss treatment due to its rich composition of essential fatty acids and antioxidants. This oil is made from castor seeds and has been used for ages in treating various diseases of the body.

Every autumn, Hair shedding is as common as falling of leaves. During autumn, you should care for your hair with castor oil, as castor not only fights hair loss, but also promotes hair growth. Let’s take a look at some of the hair masks made with Castor oil and other natural ingredients beneficial to hair growth.

Here are 5 castor oil hair masks we recommend you to try. Continue reading 5 Most Effective Castor Oil Masks to Stop Hair Loss