12 Myths Related to Hair Health

Hair Loss – Myths Vs Facts

hair myths busted factsAre you experiencing hair loss or baldness? You must have surely tried to understand the causes of your hair loss through the endless list of old wives’ tales and myths. You must have also come across strange cures for hair loss, that are spreading through the internet and social media. What causes hair loss? Shampooing hair too often? Wearing a tight hat? High level of your testosterone? It’s confusing to know what’s myth and what’s a fact. Right?

We do not you to fall prey to the myths that circulate about hair health do not fall prey. In this article, you will find out the myths about baldness and hair loss and the real facts.

Myth 1: Using hair oils can make you fat

Hair oil can make you fat? LOL! Some health care and fitness professionals are desperately trying to find such nonsense reasons for their clients’ weight gain.

Even if you apply oil to your scalp, not all of it penetrates to your blood where it can be transformed into body fat. Most of these hair oils absorbed by your scalp pass through your body undigested. But thees oils applied to your scalp and hair tips have lots of beneficial effects. They will give your hair a natural shine, make them healthier and strengthen them as these oils penetrate the cuticles. Coconut oil also fixes damage caused by heat and UV rays. And, Argan oil is proven to protect against protein loss caused by exposure to excessive light. Put 20 drops of Argan oil in your shampoo and you can wash all types of hair with this mixture.

Myth 2: Hair care products may damage your hair

Hair care products are so called because they make hair healthier and make them look better. The main issue here is how we use these hair care products and how often we use them. It’s obvious that if you dye your hair everyday, or if you do not wash your hair after application of dye, your hair can easily get damaged. If you do not know how to use these products and how often to use them, it is best to go to salon from time to time for such a procedure. Otherwise, it’s possible that you would not see any benefits of the hair care products and you would stay with the wrong opinion about hair products in general.

If you apply these hair care products properly and carefully follow hair hygiene, your hair will stay healthy and beautiful.

Myth 3: Hair washed too often can lead to hair loss

Some people spread the myth that frequent hair washing is damaging but it is not true. Hair does not fall out because of hair hygiene. It is normal to shed a number of hairs daily. If you think, you are having a severe hair loss, you can check with your dermatologist. It is also recommended to check if your scalp is healthy and does not show any rash. If you have any scalp disorder, you’d have to follow your doctor’s advice and wash your hair at the interval prescribed by him.

Each hair type is different. And, if we use the right products – shampoo and conditioner, we can enjoy a healthy and beautiful hair. So the frequency of shampooing is a matter of personal choice and time. How often you wash your hair depends on the type of your hair and scalp .

Myth 4: Hair treatments can permanently spoil hair roots

When we apply hair to treatments such as dyeing, perming or straightening, we obviously put it under stress. But it depends on us how frequently we want to have such hair treatments. Sure, any hair treatment you do in excess is likely to damage your hair in the long run. On the other hand, what is damaged is the hair, and not the root. Hair dyeing procedures are the most damaging, but hair colored in natural shades or a little darker than the natural color of hair can even make it look better and healthier.

Myth 5: A good hair shampoo should make a lot of foam

On the contrary, a good shampoo should not make a lot of foam. It is a false belief that a shampoo with a lot of foam will wash the hair better. It is better that you apply small amounts of shampoo 2-3 times than applying too much shampoo to produce foam. Your hair will then stay healthier as well as clean.

Research shows that too much foam damages the color of the hair. It also applies to people who dye their hair. Moreover, sulfates contained in the shampoo, which are responsible for producing foam, can have harmful effects on hair and skin. Laboratory tests conducted in the US demonstrated a risk of developing skin cancer because of existence of sulfates in  shampoos. If you want to be on the safe side, choose a glycerin shampoo rather than one that contains sulfates. Its effect may be similar, but it is safer from a health point of view.

Myth 6: Dandruff is contagious

No, dandruff is not contagious. It’s not like lice, and it’s not even caused due to poor hygiene.

Dandruff is a problem that depends on many factors, but the main cause remains Malassezia, a fungus that lives on the healthy scalp of most adults. It seems everyone has Malassezia, it is naturally present in the flora of the scalp, but in controlled proportions. This fungus sometimes grows uncontrollably, causing irritations that lead to excessive cell renewal. The result is a large number of dead cells. As these cells break away from the scalp, they get agglomerated in the form of dandruff.

Myth 7: Brushing often will make your hair healthier

You do not need to brush your hair often than you already do. It will neither become healthier nor grow faster. Probably, it just looks better if you brush your hair often. In fact, an excessive combing can do more harm than good, as it can affect hair cuticles.

Myth 8: Frequent haircuts  encourages hair growth and makes hair thicker

It is very good to cut the hair tips frequently. But this will not cause thickening of the hair, nor will it speed up the hair growth. It will only make your hair look healthier. Ends of hair may get split because of effect of wind, dust, etc. and also due to frequent chemical treatments to which your hair has been subjected to.

To enjoy beautiful and healthy hair we must first learn how to care for it correctly, trim its tips at interval of 1 to 2 months and keep an interval of at least 1 month period between successive dyeing of hair.

Myth 9: We need to change shampoo often as hair  become immune to its effects

It’s ok to use different types of shampoos if they can help us to solve different problems such as volume, dandruff, curly hair, etc. But if we have a shampoo that helps us every day and we are happy with it, there is no point in changing it. No, the hair will not become immune to the shampoo. Your hair will be pleased if it is treated with the right shampoo. There is no scientific evidence which shows that hair becomes immune to shampooing. No matter how long it is used, any shampoo always has the same role – to clean and care for both the scalp and the hair. Shampoo can be changed only if we desire a special hair effect.

Myth 10: Dry your hair with a towel

Vast majority of people who come out of the shower, start rubbing their hair and scalp vigorously with their towel. There is nothing wrong with that, but vigorous movements of the hair can only break them! Let your hair dry naturally if weather and time permits. If not, you can dry your hair with the help of  a hair dryer used at an optimal temperature and at a decent distance. Such practice can dry your hair without any side effects.

Myth 11: Using a hat can cause hair loss

Many people notice hair in their hat and make false connection that the hat or the head covering is responsible for their hair loss. But in reality, hair falls because of hormonal problems and stress and not because of the hat you wear.

Myth 12: Don’t dye your hair when you are pregnant

It is a clear myth. Especially as in recent years, companies that produce professional hair products have launched oil-based hair dyes in the market. These products do not have ammonia that is present in the traditional hair dyes. Inhalation of ammonia can be dangerous for the pregnant woman; and not only inhalation, but also the absorption of chemical compounds present in these dyes into the blood.

So, if you are pregnant and visiting a salon for getting your hair dyed, you should inform the salon staff that you are pregnant and that you want a natural product for dyeing your hair. If you color your hair yourself at home, you can go for natural dyes such as Henna. Argan oil and oil based dyes also have wonderful colors.

Therefore, it is good for us to listen less to the world and to read more from reliable and documented sources if you want to have healthy hair. If you want to keep up to date with the news from Hair Growth Mate , you can LIKE our Facebook page or subscribe to our Newsletter !

Disclaimer: This material is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure a condition. All your health problems require medical guidance from a specialist. Facts presented here are author’s personal opinions, based on her experience and  documented sources. Ask your doctor, for any serious decision you make in relation to your health!

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