Can Stress and Anxiety Cause Hair Loss?

Stress and Hair Loss – Are they related?

stress causes hair lossNowadays, stress has become an integral part of our lives. Even the simplest day in our lives is stressful and you can not really change that. From school to work, from family to friends, everything stresses us and every person takes their daily “stress dose,” and the bad part is that it affects the body in a negative way, sometimes affecting the hair too.

Can stress cause hair loss and will it grow back? Yes, a research article by Calm Clinic,  shows that stress, apart from many other causes, can cause hair loss. So, if you always find a lot of hair on your pillow, don’t get panicked. Do not start to worry that you will become bald! Getting stressed about your hair loss can worsen your hair fall. Continue reading Can Stress and Anxiety Cause Hair Loss?

Top Hair Masks for Thin and Brittle Hair

Top 6 Hair Masks for Thin, Dry and Frizzy Hair

hair mask for dry hairThin, dry and brittle hair gives us a lot of headaches. As it tends to become dry and break, it is very difficult to style. Such hair has no volume and falls easily too. So, what to do to take care of thin and frizzy hair?

Natural oils are some of the best remedies for dry, fragile or thin hair. Studies have shown that castor oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, argan oil, almond oil and olive oil are very effective when it comes to strengthening the hair.

Here are 6 effective DIY masks for thin and brittle hair Continue reading Top Hair Masks for Thin and Brittle Hair