7 Solutions to Prevent Hair Loss After Pregnancy

How to prevent hair loss after childbirth?

hair loss after pregnancyDuring pregnancy you may have heard compliments from many people that your hair looks very healthy and beautiful. This happens due to the glow of pregnancy on your hair during pregnancy, the brilliance caused by the healthy diet and the daily dose of folic acid you consume.

But often, new mothers experience hair loss after pregnancy, about 2-3 months after childbirth. You may be very upset about seeing how you miss all that wonderful hair you had during pregnancy. You may think you are the only person who is experiencing such hair fall. But, don’t worry. As per Healthline, postpartum hair loss is perfectly normal and there are many other women who are facing a similar situation of hair loss. It is important to remember that during pregnancy your natural hair loss process was stopped, and hair loss after pregnancy is not unusual.

Why does hair fall after childbirth?

Hair appears on our head in two stages. 90% of the hair grow in one step and the other 10% grow in the resting phase. Every second or third month, the hair in the resting phase starts falling, allowing the new hair strands to grow in its place. During pregnancy, the level of estrogen increases, which is why there is a lower number of hair that grows in the resting phase and therefore fewer hair fall.

After childbirth, estrogen level in the body drops suddenly, so more hair go in the resting phase. And, this leads to a greater hair loss. Not all women experience extraordinary hair loss after childbirth, but you should expect to experience at least some hair loss. Usually, long-haired women experience greater hair loss than short-haired women.

Solutions to prevent hair loss after pregnancy

How to control hair loss after birth? With the birth of baby, there are a number of changes that occur in your body, from hormonal changes to physical changes . They will fade as time passes. Here are some simple ways to approach and reduce hair loss after birth, as much as possible.

1. Eat healthy
You noticed how beautiful your hair and skin felt when you were consuming a healthy diet during your pregnancy. Green vegetables and nuts such as walnuts and almonds are not only healthy, but also contain flavonoids and antioxidants that are responsible for protecting hair follicles. These foods can also stimulate healthy growth of new hair after childbirth.

2. Consume supplements
Sometimes what we eat does not contain all the minerals and vitamins needed by the body. Talk to your doctor about the use of supplements such as Biotin, Vitamin C and E, Vitamin B Complex, and Zinc. These supplements will stimulate hair growth and also prevent hair fall to a large extent.

3. Stop worrying
Hair loss after birth is known in the medical field as Telogen Effluvium. It’s a normal event and it will make you worried and stressed. Even for normal people, stress causes hair loss, so if you’re going to continue worrying about your hair loss, it will not help you much. So, just relax and stop worrying.

4. Say NO to chemicals for hair
If you wash your hair daily or even every other day, opt for a natural or herbal shampoo that is not loaded with harmful chemicals. Washing the hair with strong chemical based shampoos erodes its healthy appearance and makes it fragile and weak. To prevent hair from becoming fragile, also avoid excessive heat and stylization using blow dryers.

5. Do not brush your hair much
Frequent combing and brushing of the hair can damage the hair, leading to its fall. Also, use a thick comb for wet hair brushing, as this would reduce the stress of weak hair when trying to comb while it is still wet.

6. Avoid tight hair styles
Using rubber bands, claws, rollers, ribbons, or hair straighteners or pony tail hairstyle can stretch your hair, causing stress and pressure on your scalp . The hair that is stretched too tight tends to remain stretched and they tend to fall off quickly.

7. Cut your hair short
With a newborn in the house, you may become too busy to have time to spend on your hair care. So, it is best to go to a hairdresser and get a short hair cut that is easy to maintain. Short hair is prone to less hair loss than long hair.

We hope this article has enlightened you about hair loss after childbirth. Do not worry too much and you will see that your hair loss will disappear soon. Until then, be patient and follow the tips above to maintain good health of your hair.

We would also like to find out your experiences with your hair loss after childbirth. Feel free to share them in the comments.

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