Low Dose Laser Therapy for Hair Loss

Laser Therapy for Treatment of Hair Loss

low dose laser therapy for hair lossHair loss is a normal phenomenon. Every day, whhile brushing your hair and taking a shower, you can lose between 50 and 100 hair strands. But when the number of hair shed gets bigger, leaving your scalp visible on certain portions, itis a warning that you have a high risk of alopecia.

Hair loss can be annoying. Many people hate to be seen with thinning hair or a balding head. Different solutions are available these days to do something about the hair loss. In addition to a hair transplant or micro hair pigmentation treatment, laser therapy can be a viable solution for hair loss.

Laser therapy for hair loss, what is it?

In the field of laser therapy,  there have been interesting developments to fight hair loss in the recent years. Often it is an effective alternative to surgical procedures to combat hair loss. Hair problems in both men and women can often be treated with the help of laser therapy. Laser therapy for hair loss is a reliable solution and a revolutionary treatment that certainly has a number of advantages.

  • Your hair gets healthier, gets more volume and becomes stronger
  • Hair loss can be stabilized with laser therapy
  • Laser therapy for hair loss stimulates your blood circulation.

Note that the effect of laser therapy can vary greatly from person to person. Laser therapy for hair loss is a non-surgical procedure that can be used to combat thinning hair and hair loss. Until recently, the technique was only available in specialized hair clinics. Recent developments and the sophistication of the equipment now make it possible to undergo laser therapy even at home.

Any person, regardless of age, gender, race or hair color, can use laser therapy to stimulate hair growth. The only condition for laser therapy is that you must still have active follicles or vellus hair (fine hair). Laser therapy can also be used by those who do not want to use surgery or take medication or have failed other treatments.

How does laser therapy work for hair loss?

The laser equipment used for laser therapy has a number of special Low Level Laser lamps. The light energy that is released from the laser can repair damaged cells, increase blood flow and stimulate cell metabolism. Low dose Laser therapy uses the purest red light, with a wavelength of 650 nm.

The red light emitted by this device is a type of “soft light” that does not produce sensation of pain or discomfort. The scalp skin is penetrated by this light to a distance of about 4 mm. Through this action, the patient benefits from several beneficial effects:

  • Stimulating cellular metabolism
  • Regenerating and cell proliferation
  • Stimulating blood circulation
  • Evolving of vellus hair leading to hair growth
  • Removal of dandruff and other skin irritations
  • Removing toxins from the body.

It also reduces inflammation around small hair follicles, allowing these follicles to assimilate nutrients and grow.

Thus, the red light can stimulate hair growth. This innovative technique is a safe, non-surgical alternative to cosmetic treatments for hair loss and baldness.

Is laser therapy effective for hair loss?

Laser therapy for hair loss is not a cure for hair fall or baldness. If your hair loss is especially caused by a medical condition, it is recommended to go for a combination of various treatment options. Thus, you can think of the combination of proven hair growth remedies and laser therapy. If you are considering laser therapy, it is important to note that the therapy should be performed on a regular basis in order to achieve and maintain positive results. You can go to a variety of specialists for a laser therapy treatment.

There are no guarantees for good results in laser therapy. Much depends on the stage at which your hair loss is, your health and the laser equipment used. Different experiences are reported about laser therapy, which can be divided according to the following outcomes:

  • After undergoing the laser therapy, no change is perceptible. Also, the hair loss is not minimized and there is no improvement in hair growth.
  • There is improved hair growth, but the loss of hair is not completely minimized or stopped.
  • Hair becomes fuller, and the hair loss decreases.
  • Hair loss has stopped, the hair growth has increased considerably and the hair is getting fuller.

Laser therapy for hair loss has the best results for men and women who are in the early phase of hair loss. So, you must be suffering from hair loss for less than 3 years, for the treatment to be effective.

The use of laser therapy for advanced and complete baldness is not recommended because there are too few hair follicles that can be repaired. Laser therapy can be a revolutionary development, but as of today, it is mainly used by people who want to have fuller hair.

How long does laser therapy take to work?

Laser therapy typically lasts for at least 6 months, having a frequency of 1-2 sessions per week. In the first 3 months, there is a slowing of excess hair loss. Then, 4-5 months later, the hair thickens, becomes healthier and shiny. Laser treatment to combat hair loss is even more effective when combined with specific medications.

Laser treatment can be done either in private medical clinics or in beauty centers. Laser treatment is gaining more and more ground, as a result most private medical clinics include it in their services.

Would you like to get laser therapy at your home? Then it is also possible to purchase a so-called laser helmet or laser comb to undergo the therapy in your own home. The purchase of a good laser helmet is not very costly. You should always consult a doctor or dermatologist before you start treatment with hair growth or laser therapy.

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