Hair Care During and After Pregnancy

Tips for Hair Care During and After Pregnancy

hair care during pregnancyDuring pregnancy the hair suffers a series of changes. Most women develop beautiful looking hair during pregnancy because of increased level of estrogen and androgen. But this may not be always the case.

A normal woman can lose about 100 hair strands a day. But when a woman becomes pregnant this process of hair shedding almost stops. Specialists say that during the pregnancy the scalp becomes sensitive and the hair becomes drier. There may also be an imbalance in the secretion of sebum, which can lead to either hair becoming oily.

It is very important for the pregnant woman to take care of her hair, to know what is good for her hair and what is not. Tips from Style Craze suggest that natural hair masks can protect hair to a great extent during and after pregnancy. Continue reading Hair Care During and After Pregnancy