7 Solutions to Prevent Hair Loss After Pregnancy

How to prevent hair loss after childbirth?

hair loss after pregnancyDuring pregnancy you may have heard compliments from many people that your hair looks very healthy and beautiful. This happens due to the glow of pregnancy on your hair during pregnancy, the brilliance caused by the healthy diet and the daily dose of folic acid you consume.

But often, new mothers experience hair loss after pregnancy, about 2-3 months after childbirth. You may be very upset about seeing how you miss all that wonderful hair you had during pregnancy. You may think you are the only person who is experiencing such hair fall. But, don’t worry. As per Healthline, postpartum hair loss is perfectly normal and there are many other women who are facing a similar situation of hair loss. It is important to remember that during pregnancy your natural hair loss process was stopped, and hair loss after pregnancy is not unusual. Continue reading 7 Solutions to Prevent Hair Loss After Pregnancy